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Pope Leo X (Biography)


Biography of Pope Leo X: Pope Leo X

Testimony of the Old Anglo-Catholic Movement

Meaning of the Papal Coat of Arms of Leo X: In gold, six roels placed in a border, that of the chief in azure with three fleurs-de-lys in gold, and the rest in gules. The coat of arms of Pope Leo X; It is stamped with a papal tiara. In addition, it has the keys of San Pedro attached, already with the final arrangement of one of silver and the other of gold, joined with a cord of gules. It must be remembered that the enamels on the keys were all silver, all gold, and finally one of each, and that the cords, in the beginning, were azure. It is said that the primitive weapons of the Medici (of gold, eight roels of gules, placed in a strip of three, three and two), come from the profession of apothecary (pharmacist). One of the first members of this family, since the role of the shield was intended to see aspirin represented, and the surname Medici translated from Italian is Doctors. In 1465 Louis XI of France grants him the royal role of France, as an increase in honor to Lorenzo di Piero de' Medici (Florence, January 1, 1449 - Careggi, April 9, 1492), better known as “Lorenzo”.

Biography of Pope Leo X

Pope Leo X, was the number 217 designated by the Roman Rite Catholic Church (He ruled the Church as Bishop of Rome from 1513 to 1521). He received the tonsure in 1482, in 1483 he was appointed Abbot of Font Douce in the French Diocese of Saintes, then distinguished as Apostolic Prothonotary by Pope Sixtus IV. Since then, all the Anglo-Catholic clerical bishops of the world have inherited the apostolic succession of this holy man of God, which was historically linked to the mission of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. Secular name: Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici. Born: December 11, 1475 (Florence, Europe, standard bearer of Italy). Died: December 1, 1521 (Rome, Europe, standard bearer of Italy). Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, was the second son of Lorenzo the Magnificent and Clarice Orsini.

To defend himself against his enemies within the papal state, he named 45 new cardinals without consulting the College of Cardinals. He chose them and gathered them while all the other cardinals slept in the early morning. He was a very cunning, brave man and was never afraid, but he was always away from organized mafias. It is said that he was a lonely man. The 45 new cardinals defended him until the day when it is believed that he was poisoned by the most conservative and imperialist clerics of the Sanhedrin and that they were used to manipulating the decisions of the Pope.

The Surname and Name of Lawrence, was carried by the ancestral family of the Medici, in honor of the Deacon and Martyr Saint Lawrence. The ancestors of this family had Saint Lawrence as their Patron Saint. Since the organization and birth of the Medici family, Saint Lawrence (Saint of his devotion), I occupy the first place in devotion to the Saint and his apostolic and pastoral lineage. They knew that Saint Lawrence is the saint who opens all doors, destroys all enemies of the truth, gives rise to creating clear, transparent and intrepid minds in his imitators and followers of the mission in Christ. Pope Leo X, always wore under his ornaments and clothing, the figure of Saint Saint Lawrence as protection. Every day at dawn he prayed to God for 2 hours a day and entrusted himself to Saint Lawrence to defeat the enemies of the Church and his work that were within the Roman Church itself. In other words, the enemies of the truth were already inside what is now the Vatican. Power-hungry cardinals to the carnal world of mortal human earthlings. Pope Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici only slept 4 hours a day and worked 18 continuous hours a day. He claimed that Saint Lawrence kept him awake. We ask ourselves: why the veneration of San Lorenzo? And when the figure and devotion to Saint Lawrence entered the descendants of the Medici family?

Saint Lawrence was a young man between 23 and 28 years of age (the date of his birth is not known for sure), this holy man of God was of the African race born in Morocco but his biological parents moved to what is now Spain when the child was 3 years old. Lawrence was one of the seven deacons of the Church of Rome, that is, one of the seven trusted men of the Bishop of Rome (Pope Sixtus). His job was one of great responsibility, since he was in charge of distributing aid to the poor, giving accommodation to all the pilgrims and the sick or refugees who arrived in Rome. It is said of him that he was the first holy man of God to "opt for the poor" by giving his life to God, to the Church of Jesus Christ in the care of the most vulnerable and was in charge of protecting the victims of injustice committed by political empires and spiritual regimes. He delivered food, medicine, clothing and met every need of the destitute people who arrived daily fleeing from their victimizers.

In the year 257 (After Christ), the bloodthirsty Roman emperor Valerian, published a decree of persecution in which he ordered that all who declared themselves Christians would be sentenced to death. On August 6, the Bishop of Rome Sixtus, was celebrating Holy Mass in a cemetery in Rome, when he was murdered along with four of his deacons by the “legal” armed soldiers of the cruel emperor. Four days later Deacon Lorenzo was martyred. The ancient tradition says that when Lawrence saw that Pope Sixtus was going to be massacred, he said to him: "My Father, are you leaving without taking your deacon?" and the Bishop of Rome Sixtus answered him: "My son, in a few days you will follow me." Lawrence was very happy to know that he would soon go to enjoy the glory of God along with the other innocents killed by the emperor's unjust and cursed sword.

So Lawrence, seeing that danger was coming, collected all the money and other goods that the Church had in Rome and distributed them among the poor. And he sold the golden chalices, ciborium's and valuable candlesticks, and gave the money to the most needy people and handed over several of the houses owned by the Church of Rome to the poorest families who roamed the streets of the former city of Rome. He convinced three highly trusted young deacons to hide the “Holy Grail” that was in the hands of the Church of Rome at the time. The young deacons Lawrence took him to a secret cave that was guarded by the followers of Saint Joseph of Arimathea, very close to the city of Rome on the border of today's Mediterranean Sea. The mayor of Rome, who was perverted and depraved and very fond of getting money, called Lawrence and told him: "I have been told that the Christians use golden chalices and patens in their sacrifices, and that in their celebrations they have very large candlesticks." go, collect all the treasures of the Church and bring them to me, because the emperor needs money to pay for another war that is about to start."

Lawrence asked him to give him three days to gather all the treasures of the Church, and in those days he invited all the poor, crippled, beggars, orphans, widows, refugees, persecuted, run over, exiled, elderly, mutilated, blind and lepers, who he helped and supported with alms to solve the problems of hunger and misery that have always been experienced by the injustices of corrupt humans ("Hunger is a crime"). And on the third day he made them line up, and ordered the young deacons to call the mayor of Rome telling him: "I have already gathered all the treasures of the church. I assure you that they are more valuable than those possessed by the emperor and they are who will inherit the earth and the grace of God. With them if you understood how valuable you and your family would enter the heaven of My Lord".

The mayor of Rome arrived very happy, thinking of filling himself with gold and silver and seeing such a collection of misery, poverty and disease, he was greatly upset and yelled grotesquely against Deacon Lawrence, but Lawrence told him: "Why are you upset, Mayor? These are the best and most appreciated treasures of the church of Christ and of God!" The mayor, full of rage, told him: "Well, now I will authorize my soldiers and soldiers to assassinate him, but do not think that he is going to die instantly. I will make him die little by little so that he suffers everything he had never imagined. Since he has so much desire to be a martyr, I will martyr him horribly". And the story goes that they lit a bonfire with firewood brought from the nearby mountain, placed an iron grill on top, and lay Deacon Lawrence naked there. After burning on the grill for a while, the martyr told the judge: "I'm already roasted on one side. Now turn me to the other side so that I'm completely roasted." The executioner ordered him to be turned over and thus he was completely burned. When he felt that he was completely roasted, he exclaimed: "The meat is ready, you can eat." And with a tranquility that no one had imagined, he prayed for the conversion of the people and their government, the diffusion of the true Church of Christ throughout the world outside of empires or regimes, and breathed his last breath. It was August 10, 258.

Augustine of Hippo said that the great desire that the martyr had was to go with Christ made him not give importance to the pains of that torture and that he wanted to continue serving God in heaven. The Christians present saw the face of the martyr surrounded by a most beautiful splendor and felt a very pleasant aroma while they burned it. The silhouette in the form of a transparent body came out of the real body of the saint and rose to the stars to meet with Father God. The perverted civil authorities and the military neither saw nor felt any of this, because they were in the sin of spiritual death, blind and dumb of Grace, before the greatness of God and his wonders. The poet Prudentius said that Lorenzo's martyrdom was very helpful for the conversion of many families, because seeing the courage and constancy of this great man converted several senators from the cruel Roman Empire and from that day on idolatry began to decrease in the city. because Deacon Lorenzo was against lighting images or making altars with images, sphinxes or matachos.

Agustín de Hipona affirmed that God worked many miracles in the ancient world in favor of those who entrusted themselves to Jesus Christ under the testimony of the Saint and Martyr Deacon Lorenzo. The Bishop of Rome who served as Pope, ordered the construction of a beautiful Basilica in the city of Rome, this being the chapel of San Lorenzo, the fifth most important in the Eternal City. According to history, the deacons who secretly cared under the mountain, in an underground niche and who had hidden the "Holy Grail" from generation to generation, delivered the three Anglo-Catholic bishops from England who participated in the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea and that they secretly took him to England and hid him under some ruins so that no one would find him and only at the end of time the prophecy says that a young man from the new lands will find him before the great end and that he will accompany the 144 thousand chosen to found the New Jerusalem City.

Pope Leo X received the minor orders at the age of eight in 1488. As a curious situation, he was named cardinal when he was only 13 years old. He criticizes the Church of the time because they did not respect the age of children to hand over adult responsibilities to minors and violated the mental innocence in authority among the little ones. From 1489 to 1491, he studied theology and canon law in Pisa, with Filippo Decio and Bartolomeo Sozzini. On March 9, 1492, in Fiesole, he was invested with the insignia of cardinal and on March 22 he entered Rome. The following day he was received by the Pope in consistory with the customary ceremonies. The following month he moved to Florence on the death of his father and returned to Rome for the papal election, which resulted in the elevation of Alexander VI. Giovanni di Lorenzo remained in Florence from August 1492 until the expulsion of the Medici's from Italy in 1494, when he had to flee his hometown disguised as a Franciscan monk (at that time he said that San Lorenzo had made him invisible and that those who loved him murder they believed they saw only a shadow. I affirm that he conversed with San Lorenzo in that flight and that he saw the silhouette of the saint always close to his left. In September 1512 the supremacy of the Medici's was reestablished in Florence and this unexpected change in the fortunes of his family was the prelude to the highest honors.

In 1513, before the death of Julius II, everything indicated that the next pope would be the Hungarian cardinal, Tomás Bakócz, who had maintained an active and fruitful policy in the face of the critical situation against Venice, becoming a great ally of the Habsburgs. In this way, Bakócz moved to Rome for the conclave, with the manifest intention of being elected Pope. He was received with true princely pomp, however, both Venice and the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian betrayed him, and Giovanni di Medici, the son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, was soon elected in his place. In 1515 he met with the English (Anglo-Catholic) bishops, to create with them the Patriarchate of Saint Lawrence, and advised them to leave the British Isle because King Henry VIII would kill them if they stayed in that land. Pope Leo X, with money from the Episcopal See of the Bishopric of Rome, obtained the resources for the Anglo-Catholic bishops to move quickly to the new islands that the intrepid Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus had discovered in the lands of the New World between 1492 and 1504. and that they encouraged many to leave the coasts where the dictatorship of the reigning monarchy reached.

In 1516, in the holds of a wooden ship, 21 English clergymen embarked, these were the first Anglo-Catholics to flee the sword of Henry VIII. A navigator managed to take them to the Portuguese and Spanish coasts where they were received and from there they moved with the help of seasoned navigators to what are today the islands of the Caribbean Sea (some claim that they first arrived in Cuba before going to other territories ). Refugee Anglo Catholic clerics received the Holy Blessing of the Pope and the Papal Bull to install the Patriarchate of Saint Lawrence. Thousands of vicissitudes happened on the island as a new life of the nascent community group as a religious community. When Pope Leo X died very young, the Anglo-Catholics were rejected by the new pope who did not want a new Patriarchate, led by the Anglo-Catholics and they remained outside of Rome and far from England to this day.

Pope Leo X wanted the Patriarchate of San Lorenzo to have his sovereign jurisdiction and although he would be in obedience to the Pope of Rome, his decisions would be autonomous and he could draft new regulations including sections of the well-known "Canon Law". It is believed that Pope Leo X was assassinated (poisoned) for defending the autonomy and sovereignty of the Anglo-Catholics and because he did not agree that the Italians continued to manipulate the Church of Christ and choosing only popes of Italian origin to monopolize. to all peoples as a religious political empire. Pope Leo X, was also against the concordat between the Church and the state. On the contrary, he proclaimed that true Christianity should be kept away from civil authorities and politicians, although some enemies say that his Grace, Leo X, had also destroyed the activity of politicians and that he misrepresented European politics.

Pope Leo X, work done: 

His skill in international politics is reflected in his ability to prevent the French invasion of Italy, although in 1515 he was defeated by Francis I, King of France. A year later, relations between the Holy See and France were regulated by the Bologna Concordat, which marked the end of Gallicanism (independence of the Church in France from the Pope and, instead, subjection to the authority of the State), which implied the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges; the King received the power to appoint Bishops and other high positions, the Pope committing himself to validate his appointments. In 1519 the death of Maximilian left the throne of the empire vacant. Leo X remained undecided about which of the two candidates, Francisco I of France or Carlos I of Spain, to provide the support that both requested. He was suspicious of the two and of their accumulated power if they united the imperial sceptres of their respective nations; he finally opted for the Frenchman, but he soon rectified, because when he had to admit as irremediable that the Spanish would be the designated one, he sided with the presumed winner. Later he would subsidize the Italian campaigns of Carlos I (now also V of the Holy Roman Empire), with large sums of money that, together with the general waste that existed in the pope's court, given over to sumptuous and very expensive show business entertainment, left him exhausted and empty the Vatican treasury.

At the level of Italy, Pope Leo X turned the Apostolic See into the dominant political force and this upset the monarchical government of England and the English clergy who were preparing an exit from Rome, because they always believed that they were superior to the Europeans and to the peoples of the Middle East saw them as inferior. This Pope Leo X was one of the managers to separate the state of the rulers from the spiritual authority. He said: "Spiritual authority must be above the ruler, a king, queen or government can never govern a disciple clergy of Christ because God is superior to any sword and for the Almighty there should be no subjects but very beloved children." From a religious perspective, Leo X had in his pontificate the conclusion of the V Lateran Council in 1517, a Council that favorably pronounced the concordat with France and promoted the establishment of a censorship system for books.

Suffering and death of Pope Leo X:

The Roman cleric originally from Florence, Europe, Flag of Italy, Giovanni di Lorenzo de 'Medici (Pope Leo X), had the happiness of dying as a saint and martyr when he was poisoned by the human plague that inhabits the rooms of the Vatican headquarters . On November 25 of the year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 1521, the hierarch went to sleep as was the daily custom well into the night (11:30 p.m.). Saint Lawrence visited him in his dreams, the religious man left his body for a spiritual visionary encounter with the angels sent by God, to receive instructions from the visitors from heaven and convert his soul before abandoning the carnal body of an earthly mortal human. According to his own testimony, he narrated that he remembered the day after his vision (November 26, 1521), how his spirit was led to a wonderful place of peace and tranquility, he saw himself flying without wings through outer space outside the planet earth, landed on a bluish planet with sands shining like gold or silver, with vegetation of small emerald shrubs and crystal clear waters like enchanted glass. Saint Lawrence led him with the angels that accompanied him to a giant room where 12 other young angels were waiting for him, they were sitting at a semi-round table, he received instructions to sit facing Saint Lawrence who was always by his side.

In the conversation, the main leader of the angels told him that he would return to the planet with the danger of being killed on earth, that he should not worry, because his earthly visit was very close to ending, that he was authorized by Father God to make a real change as leader of the Church of the Roman Rite, who also had to convert his soul with true repentance and forgiveness, into a being of light and excellent conduct, because he dragged in his life with the sins and crimes of his blood family , and that the Church group that he represented on earth was not only in sin and perdition, but that they were lazy perverted humans with a desire for power and wealth. Giovanni di Lorenzo de 'Medici, was very attentive to the instructions of the envoys, he recorded every word and gesture of the representatives of God chosen for an extraordinary mission. At 4:00 a.m., on November 26, 1521, he woke up very early from the vision and immediately called his secretary to inform him that he had something very important to communicate to the College of Cardinals, to summon everyone to an extraordinary meeting for the 27th of November. November (1521), in the afternoon hours (3:00 p.m.), who gave them instructions to come well bathed and to confess their sins directly to God before the appointment.

This is how the pontiff began the meeting: I had a meeting with the envoys of God and they have entrusted me to urgently carry out a healing and reparation within the Roman Church and a great purification that must begin with prayers, repentance, fasting, abstinence and detachment from the material things of each one of us to obtain the forgiveness of our Father God and achieve the salvation of our souls as disobedient mortals. These are the instructions I received directly from God, we must all take note and begin with actions of love, service and compassion immediately after the conversion of each one here present and those under our care.

1. The Church will present a public apology and a public pardon to our brother Monk Augustinian Martin Luther-Lindemann, inviting him to return to the Church with the definitive annulment of the excommunication that is not valid for God, we promise to stop charging and cheating with the manipulation of indulgences and the business we have with the sale of sacraments and rites.

2. The Church must ask God for forgiveness to cleanse our faults and sins for each of the murders committed against the lives of innocent sons and daughters who fell into our clutches because we are sinners and practice corruption and perversion.

3. The Church will deliver all wealth to the poor and our possessions will be distributed equally to the families where we have used robbery and robbery to acquire them.

4. The Church will stop supporting the European, British and other monarchies, from today we will advise political leaders and rulers to organize just government systems with mercy, where privileges and opportunities are distributed equally for all children and daughters of God on earth without distinction.

5. The Church will not support any invasion of territories created by God in freedom and for freedom, we will invite the Spanish and French monarchy to return the stolen lands and the stolen resources to the new known worlds.

6. Celibacy will be optional and the Church will reaffirm that human sexual activity is a right and that all mortal human earthlings must freely and voluntarily experience love and sexual intercourse without pressure and without any demand.

7. No new sumptuous cathedrals will be built, the gold will be dismantled from our altars, melted down and the usufruct will be delivered to the most needy. All our clerics must live decently in simplicity and humility and that all take the example of Jesus Christ and if it is not enough for them that they learn from the monk Francis of Assisi.

8. We will lower all the images, figures, statues, sphinxes or matachos from our sacred altars, we will only adore God in spirit and in truth as he commands. We will close all the pilgrimages and fraud sales, the materials of all the images will be melted down and used as landfill or for the construction of roads, highways and bridges. From today every deacon, priest or bishop must have and find a decent civil job that allows them to live with dignity, and avoid cheating with tithes, donations or alms that some usurp from the pocket of the sons and daughters of God who work and produce.

9. The bishops and priests will not have more secretaries or assistants and each one must undertake the mission alone or with the family for those who manage to get married. The offerings and donations will be used to end poverty and the anguish of vulnerable people and peoples.

10. We will close all the convents, these buildings will be donated to the governments so that they can be used as schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, family homes and shelter for the most needy.

11. We will invite all the rich in the world to hand over their wealth and possessions to the governments, that these be distributed equitably by forming community businesses in the families of each country, that governments be made up of groups of citizens and diverse collectives to manage the finances of the state and the law.

12. That from today the Church will stop being monarchical and will become the true Church that the 12 apostles knew as disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.

13. The Church will return the possessions and wealth stolen from our victimizers in the inquisition and invasion, to the blood families of our victims and we will lead a simple life in the style of Jesus Christ without possessions or ambitions.

14. The Church must commit itself to destroying superiority complexes, flattering ambitions, gluttony, lust, promiscuity, sexual abuse, and pedophilia.

15. The sacrament of confession disintegrates immediately and we will teach the sons and daughters of God to confess their sins directly to God without intermediaries.

16. We will close all the factories of candles, candlesticks and artificial lights, it will be prohibited to illuminate our God as a spirit because everyone must know that He is Light and that He does not require any artificial light but our contrite hearts and minds.

17. The Church will no longer bless military, police, or legal or illegal armed groups. War must be definitively abolished and we will condemn governments that wish to participate in war or in the sale of arms. Our clergy will be withdrawn from military garrisons or from armed groups.

18. The Church will encourage the organization of cooperative self-sufficient farms where all committed citizens benefit equally and the land is shared equally among all families on the planet.

19. Never again will the Church participate in death sentences, never promote lacerations or hanging, and from today we will be transparent, transparent, sincere, without arrogance, without arrogance, but workers of the Holy Gospel of God.

20. Each of our clerics should only have three changes of clothing and four pieces of ornaments. None of our clergy can have possessions, buildings, bank accounts or land. If someone inherits something from his ancestors, he must distribute it among the poorest of the created earth.

21. Each cleric will have the right to get one wife and to have sacred sex with one woman.

22. The monks and nuns can continue in the church simply as missionaries or missionaries, they will hand over their possessions to the civil governments of the earth and they can live within the established parishes or in the houses of their relatives.

23. The Church must make a commitment before God not to participate in partisan politics and must oppose social classes so that in the future we will only be the same society with equal privileges and opportunities.

24. The appointment of apostolic nuncios will disintegrate and we will never again be a political state, withdrawing in turn all civil representations that are on our land.

25. The buildings that we currently have as the apostolic headquarters must be handed over to a civil organization to bring together all the nations of the world, to seek full happiness and equality in well-being of all men, sons and daughters of God in a single family. of love and security.

Once the meeting was over, the participants were left like crazy in recess and the College of Cardinals was left in abeyance with absolute silence. In the conference of Pope Leo X, who is believed to be one of the material responsible for the murder was present, he was the pontiff's sommelier, his name Bernabe Malaspina (Italian), he was considered related to Francis I (Francis I of France - Cognac, September 12, 1494 - Rambouillet, March 31, 1547), known as the monarch Father and Restorer of Letters, the Knight King and the Warrior King), was enthroned as King of France on January 25, 1515 in the cathedral of Reims, and ruled until his death in 1547. It is said behind the scenes that the mastermind behind the poisoning was this ruler with the complicity of the oldest cardinals of the papacy

On November 28, 1521, Pope Leo X woke up very ill with a trembling voice and never got out of his bed again. His skin began to take on a dark blackish hue, his body began to inflate and bulge like a balloon inflated with gas. A rotten and nauseating odor came from the hierarch's respiratory tract. His stomach rattled like shrapnel bullets, it released putrefied gases that came out of his orifices and evaporated through the windows of his room, invading the entire building and the bad aroma reached the garden.

The hierarch cried in pain at that cruel and gloomy farewell, he complained of pain all day for the next 24 hours until his cries and complaints were no longer heard. The next morning he went into a coma to never wake up again except in God's heaven. He died smiling on December 1, 1521, at 1:00 in the afternoon. The silhouette of his body came out and rose to the heights. Pope Leo X cursed the French, British and European monarchy, and others and said that it would be removed and exterminated from the face of the earth to never rule. All the participants in the poisoning were dying within a few days.

Saint Lawrence visited the ruler Francisco I of France, in a vision he told him that he would not die yet, that he would be alive until old age sitting on his stinking throne, that he would only be living on earth when he turned 53 years old. Until you purge your sins, you will not leave the planet of contradictions. The French had the vision that God allowed him to see the events that ended the French monarchy. He said that Saint Lawrence had shown him the guillotine for the last French monarch and the destruction of his offspring. These visionary events of the end of the French monarchy happened some 250 years later, being September 21, 1792, the date that Saint Lawrence had prophesied to the murderous monarch of the end of the cruel and terrifying French monarchical government and others that also fell. Some monarchical social inventions are missing to disintegrate. The end of the monarchy is very close.

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